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Team Fortress Classic

Live Stats
Servers Online in United States : 3
Number of Players: 1
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
Candy Cave 2fort tfc 0/14 online
-[EVIL]- Vanilla (TBL practice: all talk, DL on) roasted_l tfc 1/32 online
Squishy's Batcave: Home of the BROS conc_kazaa tfc 0/15 online
- Dexterity's NYC PUBLIC HOUSE - CTF.ADL.DM - schtop tfc 0/23 down since 26-Apr-20
Inhouse concmap_r_r tfc 1/17 down since 02-Mar-20
mInI-Dweallers ( no bots ) crossover2 tfc 0/16 down since 08-Feb-20
Compy's 2fort or vote (bhop, no bots) 2fort tfc 0/30 down since 17-Oct-19
GibGames Refugees TFC 2fort/well/votemap (Seattle) well tfc 8/10 down since 24-Jan-19
Squishy's Batcave: Home of the BROS concheadz3 tfc 0/15 down since 23-Apr-18
Captain Pussy Fucker (pw: tfc) 2fort tfc 0/8 down since 26-Dec-17
Alex's Team Fortress Classic Server hunted tfc 0/32 down since 16-Apr-17
TFC Server dustbowl tfc 0/8 down since 30-Dec-16
TFC Server well tfc 0/8 down since 08-Jan-16
Online Athlete dustbowl tfc 0/10 down since 15-Aug-15
A New Server is Born 2fort tfc 0/10 down since 05-Jul-15
A New Server is Born hunted tfc 0/17 down since 15-Apr-15
-=TFCNEWCREW=- -no bots- crossover2 tfc 0/14 down since 06-Oct-14
TFC Secret Gentlemen's Club sa_blockfort tfc 0/18 down since 12-Apr-14
Clan -=Nothing Special=- / Seattle - NoBots rock2 tfc 0/18 down since 12-Apr-14
[ . ] server sniperzone_r tfc 0/10 down since 12-Apr-14
Church of Conc [BHOP | map vote] concmap7 tfc 0/20 down since 08-Jan-14
TFC Refugees Fun saw_r tfc 0/10 down since 08-Jan-14
-=[A.S.S]=- CLAN SERVER voltage_l tfc 0/20 down since 12-Dec-13
Pr0n Legacy (No bots, Fast D/L) Now with AMXX! mulch_trench tfc 0/16 down since 11-Oct-13
BARGE OF THE DEAD HLSW-85257 Cornfield tfc 0/20 down since 16-Aug-13
_TFC DEATH FROM ABOVE #1 DALLAS mulch_dm tfc 0/16 down since 02-Aug-13
Toasty's TFC rock2 tfc 0/14 down since 11-Jul-13
RENEGADE CUSTOMS nao_dustbowl tfc 0/10 down since 05-Jun-13
The Head Shop (PW: snipe) snipe-xs2 tfc 0/10 down since 05-Jun-13
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