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Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Live Stats
Servers Online in United States : 20
Number of Players: 42
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
Speed's Arcade[Team Server] cll_agnostica_2016 hl2mp 0/16 down since 16-Dec-16 Home dm_bellas_room_deluxe hl2mp 0/16 down since 25-Sep-16
New Server: dm_Birdoverpopulated_v2 hl2mp 0/16 down since 23-Aug-16
New Server: dm_overwatch hl2mp 0/4 down since 23-Aug-16
Monop's Mayhem dm_runoff hl2mp 0/12 down since 12-Aug-16
BURNINATION <NJ-USA,FAST D/L> dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/16 down since 18-Jul-16
Carue's AIM ARENA 24/7 (Timeleft 6:55) aim_arena_remake_mg hl2mp 0/16 down since 02-Jul-16
IDA Walmart - Low Grav wall-mart_bps_v4 hl2mp 0/10 down since 01-Jul-16
[VDuS] Central dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/10 down since 12-May-16
<<{TPB} Trailer Park Boys! Main>> dm_octagon_v2 hl2mp 0/8 down since 10-May-16
Artemis dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/8 down since 04-May-16
Nick's Original RP 3.2.5n Server rp_tb_city45_v02n hl2mp 0/32 down since 30-Mar-16
~ Foo's Flying Circus ~ HK NPCS JP FX dm_studyroom hl2mp 0/16 down since 22-Mar-16
OUTLAWS MOVED TO dm_alamo hl2mp 0/16 down since 10-Mar-16
Dubya's House of Whoopee dm_shot_hot hl2mp 0/8 down since 29-Feb-16
[OTAT] Half-Life 2 DeathMatch! dm_resistance hl2mp 0/8 down since 13-Feb-16
Another server is born dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/10 down since 18-Jan-16
HALFCRAFTS and other experiments (Hi-Kill/FastDL) dm_mcislandv1 hl2mp 0/16 down since 18-Jan-16
sum1's server pulsebox_new7 hl2mp 0/8 down since 21-Dec-15
School of Combat & Stats moved to dm_spookface1L_OB hl2mp 0/16 down since 15-Dec-15 Atlanta dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/16 down since 10-Dec-15
-[AS]- Squirts - Practice Server! dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/16 down since 06-Nov-15
с╗Л╥▓с╣йс╗Л Torture Chambers dm_steamlab hl2mp 0/9 down since 14-Oct-15
SnipelyWhiplash's Ex(Test Server) dm_resistance hl2mp 0/16 down since 31-Aug-15
Loki's SlaughterHouse dm_dogs_arena_v1 hl2mp 0/12 down since 10-Aug-15
[FF]Jake's Tomb Of Doom! dm_rockvalley hl2mp 0/10 down since 09-May-15
[XSR]GANG RP|Dynamic Drugs|True Crime|Felonys|Cars| rp_wonderfulcity_final hl2mp 0/16 down since 21-Feb-15
Olde Fartz Distance Learning Center dm_tonysbarbershop hl2mp 0/10 down since 19-Feb-15
New IP asc_courtyard_v2 hl2mp 0/16 down since 29-Dec-14
Powerful Men's Society dm_overwatch hl2mp 0/16 down since 05-Dec-14
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