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Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Live Stats
Servers Online in United States : 20
Number of Players: 40
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
EYECLAN~ Public Property dm_killbox_pawa_v3 hl2mp 0/10 online
Speed's Skul'shock dm_statik_b4 hl2mp 0/16 online
{__ PIRATES COVE __} HIGH-KILL .❄HAPPY HOLIDAYS❄. dm_aurora_extreme hl2mp 10/24 online
KiLLiK's Place dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/8 online
.:: Scorps Killbox Mausoleum² | Stats ::. dm_killbox_construction_skm hl2mp 0/16 online
Malachie Brothers' Backyard BBQ dm_airfusion_final hl2mp 0/8 online
Loki's Sin City dm_airstrike hl2mp 6/12 online
Speed's HighVoltage [Shell_Shock] dm_altepa_portbeta hl2mp 0/16 online
[Pr0] Team Pr0sp3k7 DM dm_lockdown hl2mp 0/16 online
Speed's Test dm_council_two_rc1 hl2mp 2/16 online
<[SS] Senior Frag Center (Adult)> dm_jags_rat_xmas hl2mp 0/14 online
SoCal #1 dm_lockdown_r6 hl2mp 9/16 online
Hanger 13 Weapons Experts aim_arena_b4_big hl2mp 0/10 online
Li'l Tiny dm_overwatch hl2mp 0/8 online
Johnny's HL2MP dm_torque hl2mp 6/12 online
FyN dodgeball hl2mp 0/9 online
CoLD Community Roleplay | Fast DL | MERRY CHRISTMAS rp_amsterville_v3 hl2mp 7/32 online
Orc Realm: New Dawn rp_shipgraveyard_or_v4 hl2mp 0/16 online
<{SS} Señor Fᴂg Centre (Ahole)> dm_rapidfire_r2 hl2mp 0/16 online
Moe's dm_sneaky_bastards_v4 hl2mp 0/8 online dm_killbox_2014_rc1 hl2mp 0/13 down since 26-Jul-19
[FF]*Killa's* *Funhouse of Horror!!* (fastdl) dm_Killbox_Wood_FF hl2mp 0/14 down since 31-Jan-19
Tru Elite (Deathmatch) te_worms_hangout hl2mp 5/10 down since 23-Nov-18
[FF]*Killa's* *Funhouse of Horror!!* (fastdl) dm_Killbox_Wood_FF hl2mp 0/14 down since 25-Apr-18
Moved to --> dm_killbox_kbh_2p hl2mp 0/16 down since 25-Apr-18 Source TV XVII dm_killbox_kbh_2p hl2mp 0/16 down since 25-Apr-18
{(.:A.o.S:.)} Welcome to the cage dm_bloom_b4 hl2mp 0/10 down since 15-Mar-18
-[AS]- Squirts Scrimmage!-BOTS! Timeleft- 09:18 asc_buggyville_evolution_v012 hl2mp 0/16 down since 30-Apr-17
[DRS] Clan HL2 DM Server ( dm_amplitude hl2mp 0/8 down since 18-Dec-16
Speed's Arcade[Team Server] cll_agnostica_2016 hl2mp 0/16 down since 16-Dec-16
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