Noobstrike | Day of Defeat | United States

Day of Defeat

Live Stats
Servers Online in United States : 14
Number of Players: 57
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
Adult Gamers Community - DOD:S Gungame dod_gg_agchallofshame_v1 dod 10/28 online
1st Marine Raider Battalion - Camp Pendleton *Recruiting* dod_donner dod 0/32 online
6th Ranger's Battalion 24/7 Realism *Recruiting* dod_donner dod 0/32 online
This Server Is For Rent dod_malaga dod 0/32 online
NeO|GoD|Original_Old_School_DoD dod_caen dod 0/32 online
{H.A.T.} Here's A Tissue .:Man Up Or GTFO:. dod_railroad2_b2 dod 0/32 online|Custom Maps & Good Fun | ff-ON dod_omaha_3 dod 0/30 online
TEK Community Axis Bot Server (Modified Maps) dod_white_tek dod 16/32 online
Titties and Beer --come as you are and start a Tabâ„¢ dod_chemille dod 6/32 online
|EVIL|Home dod_vicenza dod 0/24 online
1st Marine Raider Battalion | HLStatsX | FF | Medic | dod_colmar dod 0/32 online
| Maniac Gungame | ~MG* || We put the F.U. in FUN || dod_orange_bridge_2 dod 13/32 online
Adult Gamers Community - DOD:S Gungame 24/7 Mario Air cdc_mario_air_[rm]_[ob1] dod 0/20 online
:ODS: - Old Dudes Server | DOD v1.3 | FF | ODSCLAN.NET dod_smalltown dod 12/32 online
=CB= Coorsbuds dod_green_fun dod 0/26 down since 01-Nov-19
Nineteen Eleven Draft Tournament (ATLANTA 2) dod_orange dod 1/13 down since 07-Sep-19
-=[LOD]=- Lords of Destruction - Custom Maps dod_dolster_rcn3 dod 0/32 down since 19-Aug-19
New Risk & Strategy Game Server dod_anzio dod 0/10 down since 15-Aug-19
〘NW〙The Night's Watch|24/7 Custom Map Cycle|Realisms| dod_rommel_b1 dod 0/32 down since 09-Jun-19
A New Server is Born dod_anzio dod 0/14 down since 17-Apr-19
Home Grown |Custom Maps| dod_caen dod 10/28 down since 11-Mar-19
505th PIR || REALISM || RECRUITING dod_donner dod 0/32 down since 16-Feb-19
505th PIR || PUB || RECRUITING || dod_palermo dod 0/32 down since 05-Dec-18
-| WEKICKASSCOMMUNITY.COM | 100TICK | HLSTATSX |- 2011_dust_b1 dod 0/24 down since 16-Nov-18
IA Gamers Association dod_donner dod 0/8 down since 17-Oct-18
GGemini special dod_avalanche dod 0/10 down since 12-Sep-18
testing dod_orange_inside_arena dod 0/8 down since 01-Aug-18
=(eGO)= KALT | CHICAGO | dod_kalt dod 0/32 down since 22-Apr-18 -- DOD v1.3 [FF] dod_breakout_b6 dod 0/32 down since 22-Apr-18
America Gaming | RTV SERVER | dod_chemille dod 0/32 down since 18-Dec-17
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