Noobstrike | Condition Zero | United States

Condition Zero

Live Stats
Servers Online in United States : 8
Number of Players: 56
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
CZ Server cs_office_cz czero 0/8 down since 25-Oct-16
New IP fy_dust_cz czero 0/32 down since 19-Mar-16
CZ Server de_chateau_cz czero 0/8 down since 08-Jan-16
Laughing Man's CS:CZ Server de_truth_cz czero 0/32 down since 05-Jan-16
Maa Ke Takke de_dust2_cz czero 0/10 down since 29-Oct-15
R|VERS ROOST de_westwood_big czero 0/24 down since 07-Oct-15
~$G.G$~ DeathRun deathrun_elysium czero 0/20 down since 18-Aug-15
Gustavo's Server fy_snow_deluxe czero 0/10 down since 17-Aug-15
=IcB=|Clan-ULNs&ULHs-ServerD| de_dust_cz czero 0/32 down since 06-May-15
CEVO CS:CZ Match Server - de_dust_cz czero 0/16 down since 01-Apr-15
=|EP|= Evil's Playhouse *FAST D/Ls de_dust_cz czero 0/32 down since 23-Jan-15
ROSR'S SERVER de_dust_cz czero 0/10 down since 12-Nov-14
BiG DoGgS cs_arabstreets czero 0/12 down since 22-Oct-14
Discreet Gentleman's TK Fun de_survivor czero 0/18 down since 07-Oct-14
~ D Holland & S.W.A.T ~ cs_arabstreets czero 0/10 down since 27-Sep-14
Cool Server FF-On de_westwood czero 0/26 down since 14-Sep-14
NcB [CZ | GunGame] de_cpl_fire czero 0/32 down since 31-Aug-14
Big Doggs cs_arabstreets czero 0/12 down since 24-Jul-14
NcB [CZ | Bones] -Peacemakers- de_piranesi_cz czero 0/32 down since 08-Jan-14
NcB [CZ | Warcraft] de_czl_arsenal czero 0/20 down since 08-Jan-14
[oFa] One For All Gaming Football cs_downed_cz czero 0/10 down since 08-Jan-14
HitMen4Hire(gun game) de_cbble_cz czero 0/10 down since 08-Jan-14
500FPS Test Server from de_piranesi_cz czero 0/12 down since 08-Jan-14
Killermans Fun Server de_simpsons czero 0/12 down since 02-Dec-13
.:Splak|Awesome House Of Awesomeness ka_skypads czero 0/32 down since 18-Nov-13
TheWGE Pug Server #1 cs_italy_cz czero 0/10 down since 22-Oct-13
theWGE CZ Dallas Pug 1 de_dust2_cz czero 0/11 down since 22-Oct-13
Hosted by Natiservers. 24/7 Dust2 plus custom maps de_dust2_cz czero 0/32 down since 05-Oct-13
Dragon's Rage Bf2 Gun Game 100rooms czero 0/20 down since 01-Oct-13
Outkastz Bomb Game cs_militia_cz czero 0/10 down since 02-Aug-13
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