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Servers Online in United Kingdom : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
[] CTFCL public corpse den ass_dm tfc 0/30 down since 21-Aug-16
Punany! #tfc.pickup by INX-Gaming.Com 2fort tfc 0/18 down since 21-Jan-15 | larks Test Server | Fast DL planecrash tfc 0/12 down since 21-Nov-14
Wireplay TFC League flagrun tfc 0/20 down since 02-Aug-14 | Votemap crossover2 tfc 0/12 down since 13-Jul-14 2fort tfc 0/24 down since 25-Jul-13
#Roystonvasey 2fort tfc 0/20 down since 13-Apr-13
Royston Vasey |Dark Side|Bhop ON! warpath tfc 0/32 down since 13-Apr-13
Multiskillz has moved to concing tfc 0/16 down since 19-Jan-13
TFC 2fort tfc 0/32 down since 03-Nov-12
#Roystonvasey bases2k3 tfc 0/20 down since 05-Oct-12
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