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Day of Defeat

Live Stats
Servers Online in Spain : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
[ESP] [GUNGAME] Jarabe De Pala {} agc_outdoor_death_arena dod 0/32 down since 15-Feb-15
Comunidad -=N.P.M=- (by INTRUDERV) dod_frenzy dod 0/32 down since 21-Jan-15 | Day of Defeat Source | Hlstats dod_avalanche dod 0/32 down since 30-Jul-14
[ES]Comunidad SovietS CUSTOM Y OFICIALES | dod_strand dod 0/32 down since 30-Jul-14
DoD v1.2 dod_flugplatz dod 0/20 down since 28-Nov-13
[ESP] ClanDelta | | Servidor Privado dod_anzio dod 0/14 down since 05-Oct-13
[ESP] ClanDelta Recluta Publico || 3xi_bettertrainmap_d dod 0/24 down since 21-Feb-13
[ESP] COMUNIDAD FUMAOS (RECLUTAMOS) | | Rank,RTV,... dod_colmar_ctf2 dod 0/30 down since 29-Dec-12
(ESP) KofN PUBLICO - reclutamos dod_kalt dod 0/32 down since 15-Nov-12
(ESP) KofN PRIVADO dod_anzio dod 0/24 down since 15-Nov-12
[ESP] Holaketal | dod_gan32 dod 0/32 down since 27-Oct-12
RAN Networks dod_anzio dod 0/16 down since 28-Sep-12
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