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Counter Strike: Source

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Servers Online in Korea Republic of : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
[B★Rs] 뱅슈터의 미니게임서버 [Mini] mg_creative_multigames_v10 css 0/25 down since 10-Dec-18
Counter-Strike Source longjump_v7 css 0/10 down since 07-Aug-18
[KR] Вўцьєав▓ёвІѕьЋЕ bhop_kiwi_cwfx css 0/20 down since 25-Jul-18
[KR] 봇전쟁 (플레이어 VS 봇) ☆★ de_dust css 0/60 down since 29-May-18
[] Coop coop_zelda01_b css 0/16 down since 02-Apr-18
[KR] 신사의 스킬 봇 RPG(던전/테스트서버) zm_moon_texture_v1_fix css 0/40 down since 29-Oct-17
[KR] 신사의 스킬 봇 RPG(마을/테스트서버) Rorien_Village_v1 css 0/32 down since 29-Oct-17
[KR] 좀비 서바이벌/추석 이벤트 100배/서비스종� m_miniature_room_v1 css 0/22 down since 29-Oct-17
[KR] 소나기 탈출좀비 서버 (ZE) by Clan ES℃APE zm_green_escape_final css 0/60 down since 20-Oct-17
[KR] 소나기 탈출좀비 서버 (ZE) by Clan ES℃APE ze_Parking_v3_1 css 0/60 down since 08-Sep-16
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