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Servers Online in France : 4
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
[FR] FullFord RP | Semi-Rerious RP | rp_southside_day garrysmod 0/64 online
[FR] - - Custom|Bitcoin|Meth|VIP rp_downtown_v2_ig_c3 garrysmod 0/42 online
L'Alliance, une nouvelle Terre | SeriousRP | Upsyt Community rp_venator_extensive_v1_4 garrysmod 0/24 online
[FR] Ost-Front | Serveur de développement gm_construct garrysmod 0/64 online
ElypseRP [EN DEV] | Actu sur rp_southside_day garrysmod 0/32 down since 21-Jun-20
Garry's Mod ttt_stargate_v3 garrysmod 0/16 down since 09-Jun-20
DEV rp_titan_base_cw_bananakin garrysmod 0/25 down since 10-May-20
Gang gang rp_hogwarts garrysmod 0/16 down since 04-Feb-20
[FR/EN] Private rp_rockford_open garrysmod 0/10 down since 25-Sep-19
Deadly Shadow's server ph_office garrysmod 4/6 down since 07-Mar-19
The Temple of Doom [Fun Server w/ Chat Sounds] cinema_theatron garrysmod 0/12 down since 04-Aug-18
FreekillRP - Aucun RESPECT ! necrophobia_part_2 garrysmod 0/6 down since 07-Aug-17
[FR]Cree Tas Vies Roleplay|New Serveur|Recrute|Entreprise| rp_rockford_french_v4b garrysmod 0/24 down since 21-May-17
[FR]TTT Weapons|FreeVIP ttt_metropolis garrysmod 0/26 down since 14-May-17
[FR] Copyright © 2017 Identity Roleplay - N° de dépôt 2W92Y6 rp_identity garrysmod 0/64 down since 15-Apr-17
Garry's Mod gm_construct garrysmod 0/10 down since 27-Feb-17
Garry's Mod ttt_rooftops_a2_f1 garrysmod 0/32 down since 01-Mar-16
[FR] YepYepGames | Hide and Seek | Cops and Runners | Murder | gm_construct garrysmod 0/80 down since 16-Jan-16
SaucisseRoyale gm_bigcity garrysmod 0/10 down since 31-Dec-15
####### gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/16 down since 27-Dec-15 - Garry's Mod 10 - Password : myriapulse gm_construct garrysmod 0/10 down since 23-Dec-15
[FR] Deathrun (Made by UrFour) deathrun_atomic_warfare garrysmod 0/28 down since 04-Oct-15
[FR] Murder (Made by UrFour) md_clue garrysmod 0/20 down since 04-Oct-15
[FR] Les Nordistes Semi-Serious|FA:S|+30|TS|ATM|FastDL gm_construct garrysmod 0/15 down since 03-Oct-15
[FR] Serveur de test (Made by UrFour) deathrun_atomic_warfare garrysmod 0/20 down since 01-Oct-15
Serveur Only labyrinth /recompense gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/10 down since 17-Sep-15
L.T.S.A [Test] WRP rp_waterworld_beta6ixed garrysmod 0/32 down since 05-Jul-15
BRASILEIROS MURDER gm_construct garrysmod 0/16 down since 04-Jul-15
[FR] DarkRP de la TheDream gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/8 down since 04-Jun-15
Roleplay 12S [Job:On] gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/5 down since 28-May-15
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