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Live Stats
Servers Online in Finland : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
NoS-ense Server RATS MOSTLY de_rats_brb csgo 1/12 down since 21-Jul-19 #5 CSGO Tick128 dust2/cache/mirage/inferno de_aztec csgo 0/16 down since 23-Oct-16
Finlandia by de_dust2 csgo 0/22 down since 06-Jul-16
CSGO Server de_dust csgo 0/20 down since 22-Feb-16
Papat MultiGaming Community [PG] de_inferno csgo 0/18 down since 09-Dec-15
NEW IP: surf_fruits csgo 0/12 down since 16-Oct-15
Pelit SurffiNET: CS:GO Deathmatch Server de_dust2 csgo 0/16 down since 17-Jul-15
Annala private de_dust2 csgo 0/10 down since 15-Dec-14
Master of Gaming / 128TR / Aim Maps aim_map csgo 0/20 down since 18-Nov-13
Lamerfest CSGO Server de_inferno csgo 0/12 down since 14-Oct-13
Lamerfest CSGO Server2 de_mirage csgo 0/12 down since 14-Oct-13
-WB- Puliukot K-18 de_boston_b1 csgo 0/30 down since 12-Sep-13
-WB- Savusauna de_uimahalli_go_v2_ csgo 0/20 down since 12-Sep-13
RUTS War Server /125498231/de_train_se csgo 0/12 down since 24-Apr-13
TeknoGods CS:GO Sauna 24/7|FastDL|RankME de_uimahalli_v2 csgo 0/20 down since 15-Feb-13
-WB- bulletride de_dust csgo 0/12 down since 14-Feb-13 - KONKOLE Gaming de_mirage_csgo csgo 0/12 down since 13-Feb-13 - MIRIN BRAH de_nuke_se csgo 0/12 down since 13-Feb-13
ESPC CS:GO #1 by WideBit de_dust csgo 0/15 down since 10-Feb-13 - konkole de_dust2_se csgo 0/12 down since 06-Feb-13
CSGO Test de_keidas_b2 csgo 0/20 down since 13-Oct-12
=i= iDLES [Tick 128][1Gbit][maxfps][CO] Classic Competitive (ol de_inferno csgo 0/32 down since 30-Sep-12
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