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Servers Online in Estonia : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
f r e e i d l e achievement_idle_botbox_b1 tf 0/24 down since 04-Mar-15
ByFor.Ru | Surf [FastDL | HLstatsX] surf_10x_reload_tf2 tf 0/24 down since 12-Apr-14
ByFor.Ru | 2Fort [FastDL | HLstatsX] ctf_2fort tf 0/20 down since 12-Apr-14
ByFor.Ru | Saxton Hale [FastDL | HLstatsX] arena_badlands tf 0/24 down since 05-Dec-13
[CZ|SK] Live is the GAME! koth_sawmill tf 0/24 down since 23-Jan-13
It's melee Jim, but not as we know it cp_dustbowl tf 0/24 down since 24-Nov-12
Kobad mvm_coaltown_advanced tf 0/6 down since 08-Nov-12
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