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Garry's Mod

Live Stats
Servers Online in Canada : 2
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
Aimless Gmodding de_nuke garrysmod 0/24 online
Equestrian Frontier | PAC3 | WireMod | mPlayer | Roleplay rp_chaos_city_v33x_03 garrysmod 0/70 online
Garry's Mod rp_downtown_tits_v2 garrysmod 1/32 down since 20-Oct-19
OhlalaYaUnServeur gm_construct garrysmod 0/16 down since 02-Mar-19
The Temple of Doom [Sandbox] gm_excess_construct_13 garrysmod 0/14 down since 24-Feb-19
Scalie Community TTT - Powered by [APG] ttt_67thway_v14 garrysmod 0/20 down since 04-Feb-19
Scalie Community GMod Sandbox - Powered by [APG] gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/24 down since 04-Feb-19
MassCC - Gmod Testing rp_downtown_v4c_v2 garrysmod 0/96 down since 26-Jan-19
Sanswee ph_school_v2 garrysmod 0/8 down since 15-Aug-18
[BUSTIN'] ProductPlacements PlayPen | FastDL ttt_bb_teenroom_b2 garrysmod 0/18 down since 13-Jul-18
RAGGLE'S BEACHEGROUNDS cs_militia garrysmod 0/12 down since 13-Jul-18
GMod Server gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/8 down since 05-Jul-18
The Lodge gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/10 down since 05-Jul-18
Canadian First Response RP rp_rockford_v2b garrysmod 0/11 down since 05-Jul-18
#1 Official GTAPERP | Development Server rp_rockford_open garrysmod 0/10 down since 10-May-18
#1 Official Grand Theft Auto RP | Legit v3.5 rp_rockford_v1b garrysmod 0/65 down since 10-May-18
Old Server ttt_minecraft_b5 garrysmod 0/40 down since 18-Apr-18
DogeRP|Need Staff rp_downtown_v4c_v2 garrysmod 0/20 down since 11-Apr-18
GMod Server gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/48 down since 08-Apr-18 Classic DarkRP rp_eastcoast_v4b garrysmod 0/30 down since 14-Mar-18
GMod Server gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/8 down since 05-Nov-17
Serveur de la grosse queue gm_construct garrysmod 0/32 down since 03-Oct-17
Derp Server: Sandbox gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/4 down since 17-Aug-17
GMod Server gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/64 down since 13-Aug-17
#1z PERP | rp_paralake_city_v4 garrysmod 0/85 down since 04-Aug-17
Rising Phoenix - Old TTT ttt_67thway_v7_j_l garrysmod 0/32 down since 01-May-17
Prop Hunt [US] (STRONK LIKE RUSSIAN BEAR ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕠ198.245.63.75:27015 ph_marketbattle_freq garrysmod 0/32 down since 04-Mar-17 | No Downloads | Hiring Staff | New rp_downtown_altered garrysmod 0/32 down since 01-Feb-17
LinuxGSM gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/16 down since 27-Jan-17
[QC|FR] Québec Prophunt [ Pointshop | Models | 24/7 ] ph_junkyard garrysmod 0/31 down since 03-Jan-17
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