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Day of Defeat

Live Stats
Servers Online in Canada : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
American Freedom Network - DOD:S GunGame dod_gg_fullhouse_hrh dod 0/28 down since 25-Feb-19
[APG] - DoD:S Flash 24/7 [Stats] dod_flash dod 0/16 down since 04-Feb-19
[APG] - DoD 1.3 GunGame [Stats] dod_charlie dod 10/17 down since 30-Dec-18
(QC) {AQUILA} (1) Realism server dod_edge_beta dod 0/30 down since 13-May-17
(QC) {AQUILA} (2) Pub dod_fullhouse dod 0/24 down since 16-Apr-17
American Freedom Network - Mario Air 24/7 DOD:S GunGame cdc_mario_air_[rm]_[ob1] dod 0/16 down since 14-Feb-17
DoD v1.2 dod_forest dod 0/32 down since 24-Mar-16
[COOKIE]Cookie Patrol DODS Server dod_flash dod 0/24 down since 17-Jan-13
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