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Servers Online in Australia : 0
Number of Players: 0
Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Status
Derp Rp |New Server|Now Public!! rp_bangclaw garrysmod 0/12 down since 30-Aug-13
Deathlion Sandbox gm_construct garrysmod 0/8 down since 13-Aug-13 | FR9 Stuff gm_construct garrysmod 0/8 down since 09-Aug-13
Garry's Mod gm_construct garrysmod 0/24 down since 21-Jun-13
I LOVE YOU BILLY gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/10 down since 08-Jun-13
GMod Server gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/10 down since 25-Feb-13
BAU Official 24/7 Gmod server gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/16 down since 19-Feb-13 | SandBox*MOVED TO* gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/32 down since 05-Feb-13
AU Propkill - DeathZone - ROLLERCOASTING! rp_downtown_v2 garrysmod 0/28 down since 01-Feb-13
[Quadeye] Roleplay | DiX | rp_downtown_v2 garrysmod 0/9 down since 28-Jan-13 | Trouble in Terroist Town - PointShop ttt_rooftops_a2_f1 garrysmod 0/20 down since 23-Jan-13
NZ Gamers | PERP 3.0 | Beta rp_evocity_v33x garrysmod 0/25 down since 21-Jan-13
[] DarkRP [Car Dealer] [Upgradeable Printers] [A rp_downtown_v4c_v2 garrysmod 0/32 down since 14-Dec-12
Watti RP_EvoCity_v33x garrysmod 0/8 down since 14-Dec-12
PnG Sledbuild [Fast Download] slb_snowsled_v3 garrysmod 0/10 down since 25-Nov-12
Legendary Deathminge [broken, will be fixed soon] freespace_gs garrysmod 0/16 down since 23-Nov-12 | 24/7 PERP3 | Fast/DL | CUSTOM rp_evocity_v33x garrysmod 0/24 down since 15-Nov-12
BUILD | | Wire+UWSVN-Tools-Pac3-PlayX gm_flatbuild_pb garrysmod 0/10 down since 15-Nov-12
Dragon's workshop gm_DDFlatgrass garrysmod 0/8 down since 15-Nov-12
LOCKDOWN GAMING TTT NOW AT cs_drugbust garrysmod 0/28 down since 10-Nov-12 | Dev zs_aztec garrysmod 0/24 down since 09-Nov-12
Kickass! Servers TTT MOVED -> ttt_district_a4 garrysmod 0/26 down since 06-Nov-12
Kickass! Servers #2 - Build! [Wiremod, Pewpew, CAP!] gm_DDFlatgrass garrysmod 0/12 down since 21-Oct-12
Kickass! Servers #4 - Space Build! sb_omen_v2 garrysmod 0/10 down since 21-Oct-12
Hometown DarkRP. Light RP, FastDL, no bullshit. RP_HomeTown2000 garrysmod 0/12 down since 15-Oct-12
[] Zombified World [Fast-DL] gm_construct garrysmod 0/24 down since 14-Oct-12
Soul-Gaming DarkRP RP_Downtown_V2_Fiend_V2C garrysmod 0/24 down since 05-Oct-12
WoN_SHoT's|Building|Server|Lots|of|Tools Wire/PHX [Fast Decal] gm_flatgrass garrysmod 0/15 down since 28-Sep-12
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